Send SMS notifications from your Web Application

A few years ago I started using Clickatell as a way to send SMS messages from different applications I built. Getting a message to notify you of particular events (“you received an order”, “something isn’t working right”) allows you to respond in a timely manner.

I have one web-based application that monitors various websites I work on and I get a downtime notification via SMS any time a site is down. I have also integrated SMS with osCommerce to send order notifications including the contents of the order. This is great for monitoring a low volume sideline store. There are lots of applications for this of course.

I have used Aleksandar Markovic’s Clickatell SMS API for a number of years. It supports CURL and fopen for the HTTP request and is very easy to integrate into your application.

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  1. Anwar says:


    i have a website on which customers can order takeaway food, i wanted to be able to send the orders via sms to a sms printing machine in my shop. do you think that is possible.
    it could be a great business idea.

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